‘Cope ahead’ for social situations

Social anxiety is one of the most common mental health problems. Karen asked Emily, DBTeen Program Coordinator, for strategies. We’ve all probably felt nervous or uncomfortable in a social situation. Going blank in an awkward silence, regretting something you did say, wondering what everyone thinks of you… these are common

The big freeze thawing

There is relief as WA restrictions lift, but not everyone is feeling ready to get back into the swing of things. Kate was excited to have a few people over and planned a backyard catch up. When everyone arrived she was happy to see them, and then, an increasing sense

Research study: mental well-being during self-isolation

The Care Study will investigate which factors contribute to people’s mental well-being during, and after, periods of self-isolation (self-quarantine), compared to that of social-distancing. You are eligible to help with this survey if you are in Australia, aged 18 years or over, and currently engaging in social-distancing or self-isolating. Please

What its like answering Lifeline calls during a pandemic

Feeling troubled? Please don’t discount your experience, because we don’t. Ruben Mackellar spoke with ABC Life about what it’s like being a Lifeline Crisis Supporter during the coronavirus pandemic. Ruben shares his thoughts on how COVID-19 has impacted calls to Lifeline, and what he does to assist people. He emphasises allowing your

Living with mum and dad again

Lifeline WA spoke with young people whose ‘new normal’ has included being back under their parent’s roof. Experienced mediator and trainer Laura adds communication tips to try. When the COVID-19 pandemic unfolded, Sabrina was travelling around Europe. She had to return home at a tricky time to find a new job. Steven’s full-time job was based in Barcelona.

Kids ask coronavirus questions

Dr Chris Blyth and Dr Asha Bowen from the Telethon Kids Institute answer kids’ important coronavirus questions. In part one, five year old Max wants to know what it feels like when you get coronavirus. Harper, seven, asks why are so many things banned, like going on holidays, going to

Money too tight to mention

Financial pressure arises from any situation where money worries are causing stress. These are hard financial times for many individuals and families. There are things you can do that may help. There is also a lot of information out there. Where to start? Who can help right now with basics

Sharing more than a driveway

Carla shares her story of getting to know her neighbours better over a new daily ritual while isolated at home. If you’d asked me if I knew my neighbours before COVID-19, I would have said of course! We share cheery driveway greetings. We hold serious verge discussions on errant drivers

It’s okay to feel not okay right now

James Corden talks with philosopher and “The School of Life” co-founder Alain de Botton about our collective emotional state during a global pandemic. Alain says there is no FOMO, no fear of missing out on a fictional perfect life during a pandemic. He challenges the “brave face”, speaks to the

Curious about mindfulness

Personal trainer Natasha shares her tips on mindfulness and being present. When people approach personal trainer, Natasha Rabe, about losing weight and boosting their fitness, they’re pretty sure she’s going to recommend a strict regime of diet and exercise. Her clients are often surprised to find that a big part