School holiday activities and wellbeing for the whole family

With school holidays starting this week, activities and trips that you usually do may be off the table. You may find that you have to work during the time you would usually have off, or that you and your family need a break from each other! There is a range of activities happening in

Talking about ’13 Reasons Why’ with your child(ren)

We’ve all been spending a lot more time at home due to COVID-19, and for many people that has meant watching more TV than usual. One of Netflix’s most-watched programs has been ’13 Reasons Why’, with the fourth season of the show about a teenage girl who takes her own

Relationship separation during COVID-19 and resources for families.

Lifeline WA understands that through the COVID-19 pandemic, couples and families have found themselves navigating new and difficult circumstances. In this article, we will focus on the challenges and impacts of COVID-19 on romantic relationships, navigating separation through COVID-19 as a parent, and provide some resources for families to find

Returning to work; managing anxiety and re-establishing routine.

If you are feeling anxious about going back to work after isolation, you are not alone. The concept of reverse culture shock could offer an explanation as to why. At the beginning of the pandemic, we had to quickly adjust to restrictions requiring us to stay at home and limit

Coping with the financial aftermath of COVID-19.

As we start to experience life returning to a ‘new normal’, it is a relief that Australia did not experience the same devastating loss of life and widespread illness seen in other parts of the world.  However, the border shutdown and enforced isolation, whilst effective in controlling the virus, has

What to do when your career is roadblocked before you get started?

Many young Western Australians have had their career journey come to a halt because of COVID-19. How does the younger generation cope with sudden unemployment? According to the Australian Bureau of Statistics, more than 62,000 West Australians lost their jobs in April/May, which means thousands of our younger generation have

One foot in front of the other – how men cope during tough times

Lifeline WA celebrates community initiatives such as community members coming together to support each other. In light of Men’s Health Week, we pose the question: how do men cope during tough times? In this article, we focus specifically on men and how community projects support their mental well-being. During Men’s

Hoggy talks to everyday heroes: Leon from Haka for Life

Former Australian test cricketer Brad Hogg interviews Leon Ruri, a former FIFO worker who has dealt with depression, suicidal thoughts and ice addiction as a result of childhood trauma.  Hoggy talks to everyday heroes will feature Hogg having an open and honest chat to resource sector workers about their personal experiences

Brad Hogg talks men’s mental health with ‘everyday heroes’

Former cricketer Brad Hogg has swapped the cricket bat for a microphone to interview mining workers about their mental health, in a new video project for Lifeline WA and the Chamber of Minerals and Energy. The project A Resourceful Life – Hoggy talks to everyday heroes will feature Hogg having

Men’s Sheds improving mental health

For years Men’s Sheds have been seen as a place where retired men come to pick up the tools and make some nifty things, but Men’s Sheds have so much more to offer than that. Men’s Sheds play an important role in the wellbeing of men across Western Australia, particularly