Comforting someone who has just lost their job

During the COVID pandemic many West Australians are dealing with unemployment for the first time. Losing a job because of something out of your control can be hard to come to terms with. Dr Gonzalez, Director and Clinical Psychologist of the Centre of Psychological Enrichment (COPE), talks us through some

Podcast: Checking in

TED bring you a new podcast series, Checking In with Susan David. Susan, a psychologist at Harvard Medical school, provides usable strategies in densely packed episodes. . This show is an urgent response to an urgent movement – support system, toolkit, and understanding voice during a time of great uncertainty”

Heading back to school

Sharon Young, teacher and Lifeline WA community champion, shares her perspective on returning for the new semester. Heading back to school after holidays can be daunting for a lot of children and families. Throw in an extended break and a worldwide pandemic, and those feelings and fears can be exemplified

Negotiating a ‘new normal’ at home with your partner

Laura is a nationally accredited mediator and Family Dispute Resolution Practitioner. She shares some tips for preventing and negotiating conflict with a partner. I don’t think there’s any household that hasn’t been affected in some way by the COVID-19 pandemic. For many of us, the way in which we work

Creating meaningful moments with grandparents

Playdates, dinner parties, coffees and birthday parties all had to go on the back burner. This sacrifice can be a huge loss for grandparents to cope with. Lifeline WA love seeing the creative ways families are making moments of connection, while keeping everyone safe. We’ve seen a granddad drop off

How to ask someone if they’re okay

Is there someone you’re concerned about that you’d like to check in with? Karen spoke to Laura, Senior Trainer at Lifeline WA, for some tips on how to go about having the conversation. One of the most common questions from participants in our training sessions is about what not to

Working at home with young kids

Lifeline WA spoke with parents to find out how they have been coping in balancing their roles. Dr Gonzalez, Director and Clinical Psychologist of the Centre of Psychological Enrichment (COPE), lends some insights to help parents at this time. Many West Australians have had to rapidly adjust to working from

You always! I never! 10 unhelpful thinking styles

Catastrophising, jumping to conclusions, shoulding and musting… we can all fall into these thinking styles at times, and they can become a habit. In times of stress, your auto-pilot thoughts may be popping in more often. To recognise them, read on here about 10 unhelpful thinking styles. Once recognised, quashing

Tips for small business

CPA Australia has created resources to assist small businesses to manage through the business implications of COVID-19. There are a range of actions small business owners can consider implementing to survive now, and be positioned to take advantage of the recovery in future. The Managing Through COVID-19 guide contains detailed

Free physical activity resources for kids

With school sports on hold, are you looking for ways to keep the kids moving? A program run by the University of Western Australia is providing free at-home resources. UWA’s KIDDO program has been on a mission to get children “moving well and moving often”. Scientifically designed programs seek to