Personal trainer Natasha shares her tips on mindfulness and being present.

When people approach personal trainer, Natasha Rabe, about losing weight and boosting their fitness, they’re pretty sure she’s going to recommend a strict regime of diet and exercise. Her clients are often surprised to find that a big part of her approach is adding some mindfulness into their daily routine.

“To me, mindfulness contributes to being physically and mentally healthy,” she says.

“I find that encouraging people to spend a little bit of time each day focusing on themselves and doing simple things can help them feel less anxious and more centered, which in turns contributes to a sense of wellbeing.”

Don’t let the word mindful scare you though. According to Natasha, mindfulness is simply about letting go and being present in the moment. “Mindfulness can be likened to being curious, and curiosity can lead us to amazing things,” she says.

Here are Natasha’s top three tips for being more mindful.

1. Remember what makes you happy

If you’re feeling anxious (and who isn’t during COVID-19) perhaps it’s time to become more curious about the simple things that once made you happy. This could be colouring, art, crafts, a sport, or cooking.  With more time spent at home, it’s the perfect time to reignite an old passion that once brought a smile to your face.

2. Learn to breathe

Have you ever taken the time to be curious about your breath? We can inhale and exhale up to 30,000 times a day, but we never take the time to acknowledge it.

Take a few minutes at least once a day to sit quietly with your eyes closed and focus on your breath. Inhale through your nose and exhale through your mouth, slowly and meaningfully. You may be surprised how clear and calm you can feel by focusing on your breathing.

3. Find a transitional object or moment

Have you ever been curious as to how many times a day you walk through a doorway? It’s just one of the things we do mindlessly.  However, by attaching a sense of curiosity to it, we can make it more of a mindful experience.

Since the last time you walked through a doorway, what can you acknowledge that you are grateful for? It could be the shoes on your feet, the birds chirping or the food in your belly.

Mindfulness doesn’t have to be a sacred event that teleports you into a spiritual wonderland.

But adding a little curiosity to your everyday life can help the burden of COVID-19 feel more tolerable. You could come out of this crisis even more resilient than before.

Natasha Rabe

Canadian-born Natasha is a Personal Trainer and Accountability Coach with Body MBrace fitness studios who now calls Perth home. During the COVID-19 hibernation she’s delivering mindfulness tips, fitness workouts, health cooking demonstrations and core exercises online via BMB at home.

For more mindfulness activities for every day life

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Image credit: Photo by Xevi Casanovas on Unsplash